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ProBites Chlorella Sinking is also a new generation koi food originally developed for breeders and dealers. The emphasis is on growth, improvement of skin quality and mucus layer and intensive mild support of coloration. Especially indoors! This is achieved by using a mix of high-quality body identical proteins in combination with Chlorella.

Chlorella contains up to 5 percent chlorophyll. Chlorophyll strengthens the intestines, cleanses the blood and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) improves the ability to repair tissues and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora. Thanks to the high content of chlorophyll, Chlorella facilitates the digestion of nutrients such as proteins and inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Chlorella makes the blood more powerful; it helps to maintain calcium levels and improves the absorption of iron which is involved in the transport of oxygen in the blood.

Chlorella strengthens the immune system and supports recovery after illness and medication. Another unique feature of our koi food is the sole use of slow carbohydrates with very low sugar levels. This helps to prevent high blood sugar levels, fatty deposits in muscles and organs, and prevents liver diseases. The pellets contain only the best cold pressed oils and lipids and are completely free of colorants, fragrances, additives or preservatives.

The high-quality body identical proteins in ProBites Chlorella Sinking are very well utilised and result in very good growth. The fresh Chlorella, pure Kelp and Montmorillonite clay, provide a generous supply of minerals and trace elements that gives koi a beautiful shine, intense colours and a crystal-clear mucus layer.

Suitable for water temperatures of 59+ F (15+ C).

Why feeding sinking food?

Koi will eat very calm and fearless when feeding from the bottom. Due to this tranquility and safety, as well as their optimum body position relative to the food on the bottom, their uptake and processing of food is optimal.
In every pond there are always one or more nervous, skittish Koi whose anxious eating behavior will negatively influence the other koi in the pond as well.
This makes a meal on the surface a nervous and hectic event. Not very conducive to a quiet group meal or optimal digestion.

It is that peace and the lack of food envy plus the ideal posture to sinking feed, which ensures optimum feed intake and processing. You don't need to feed sinking food every time. Once a day is just fine. Preferably during the day, because in the early morning hours, at dusk or in the night, Koi will eat a lot calmer anyway. Naturally, these are the moments of the day when they are least at risk from natural predators.

Feeding ProBites Chlorella Sinking has several advantages.
The food is optimally processed and digested in peace and without food envy. This gives you a high return on the offered food.
Young and often shy Koi, but also older ones that are fearful and cautious eaters, often unnoticed get much food shortage. These kind of Koi, often have to live on scraps or stray pellets only and remain naturally timid and fearful fish which by their nature not only receive too little food, but by their shyness, negatively affects the other Koi as well. These Koi benefit tremendously from ProBites Chlorella Sinking and will almost always abandon their timid eating behavior directly.

Another advantage is that if you spread ProBites Chlorella Sinking across the pond, you ensure that the Koi, by their search and associated eddies, keep the pond bottom clean. Small spots of dirt or feces end up in the bottom drain(s) much faster.

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