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eSHa Exit pillku- sekä samettitautiin

  • 20 ml
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Useita turvallisia maksutapoja Paytrail maksupalvelun kautta. Myös osamaksumahdollisuus.


Omassa varastossa olevilla tuotteilla erittäin nopea toimitusaika. Tilaustuotteilla norm. 3-14 vrk.


Tuotteillamme (ei koske tilaustuotteita) on 14 vrk palautusoikeus. Asiakas vastaa palautuskuluista.

eSHa Exit soveltuu kaikkiin pilkkutauteihin sekä samettitautiin. Turvallinen käyttää herkilläkin trooppisilla kaloilla.
Voi käyttää yhdessä eSHA 2000 kanssa.


Areas of application: EXIT distinguishes itself in special due to the excellent effect against both dot and pepper dot, import dot and coarse dot. Can be used together with eSHa 2000 [SUP] ® can be used and then gives a special rapid healing of "pepper spot". Also used by very sensitive animals (e.g. chocolate gourami) endure. EXIT can also be used safely along with eSHa gdex® (against skin, gill and tapeworms) use.

When to use eSHa EXIT? Making the correct diagnosis is often the success for a quick one healing. Many fish diseases are highly contagious and spread quickly in the aquarium water. It is therefore very important that you do so quickly can treat. There are early signs to warn you if something is wrong with your fish.

Skin: the skin is the first protection and defense system and shows usually also the first signs of a disease or deficiency due to an infection. You should keep a close eye on any discoloration.

Fins: pay attention to the fins. If it is close to the body of the fish, this often indicates a disease or deficiency. Especially with viviparous fish. Swimming Behavior: Unusual swimming or rocking behavior can be characteristic are for the presence of a disease. Which fish can be treated with eSHa EXIT? Tropical fish ✔ Cold water fishing ✔ Seawater fishing ✘ EXIT is safe for fish, plants and filters when dosed correctly.

EXIT gives excellent results, especially with tropical fish. Areas of application EXIT handles all forms of "dot" (Ichthyo). EXIT distinguishes itself from other products by its pepper spot (Oodinium). This is a great advantage because the two parasites often interact get confused. This prevents EXIT from choosing the wrong product.

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eSHa Exit

eSHa Exit pillku- sekä samettitautiin

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