Hobby Bamboo Stix 50 cm, Ø 2-3 cm


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Hobby Bamboo Stix 50 cm, Ø 2-3 cm


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Bambuoksa. Voi käyttää myös puutarhassa ja kodissa.
The dried, yellow bamboo canes are ideal for designing a natural terrarium.
The straight, sturdy canes are hand-picked, clean and free from troublesome cracks!
Bamboo is the ideal material for constructing vertical and horizontal climbing structures. It is also very suitable for replicating natural structures in the terrarium. 
This bamboo, which grows naturally straight, is particularly popular with many types of gecko, such as the various Phelsuma species. These lizards like using the interior of the bamboo cane to hide in and as places to lay their eggs.
Bamboo is exceptionally easy to work with. It can simply be sawed, filed, polished and bored and is therefore suitable for any number of different requirements.

Bamboo is not only an attractive decorative element in a terrarium, but can also be used in countless different ways around the house and garden. 

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