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Dennerle Water Lily Balls lannoite


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The growth booster for all pond plants

  • Booster for new plants and for complementary fertilization
  • For strong growth and an abundance of flowers
  • Do not promote algae growth, as they are free of additional phosphate and nitrate content


Dennerle WaterLily Balls help all pond plants make a rapid, successful start. They provide water lilies and other plants with essential nutrients, minerals and trace elements.

WaterLily Balls promote strong, healthy growth, rich green leaves and abundant flowers, competing with the algae for nutrients. They are also ideal for complementary fertilisation and help if there is growth stagnation.

Do not promote algae as the roots are fertilised rather than the water.

Add to the planting baskets of new plants. Place nutrient balls under the rootball.

For complementary fertilisation simply push into the root area of the plants from above.

Start-up support: Depending on the size of the plant push 1-3 balls into the root area, use 3-5 balls for water lilies.

Complementary fertilisation: 1-3 balls per plant, once a year

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