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Dennerle Nano Gran - Basic feed 55g

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Dennerle Nano Gran - Basic feed 55g


Useita turvallisia maksutapoja Paytrail maksupalvelun kautta. Myös osamaksumahdollisuus.


Omassa varastossa olevilla tuotteilla erittäin nopea toimitusaika. Tilaustuotteilla norm. 3-14 vrk.


Tuotteillamme (ei koske tilaustuotteita) on 14 vrk palautusoikeus. Asiakas vastaa palautuskuluista.

Basic food for Nano-fish - fine granules For biologically balanced nutrition especially for Nano-fish (up to 3 cm). Water-stable, does not turn the water cloudy. Feeding: As much as the fish will eat within 1 minute, twice a day. Contains a balanced combination of all important components like proteins, fat and carbohydrates, as well as essential minerals and vitamins. For healthy growth and increased resistance to illness.

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Dennerle Nano Gran - Basic feed 55g

Dennerle Nano Gran - Basic feed 55g

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