Mironekuton Pulver, (lasipullo) 150 g


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Mironekuton Pulver, (lasipullo) 150 g, monikäyttöinen mineraalituote.


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Mikronekuton pulveri on hyvin monikäyttöinen mineraalituote. Voit käyttää sitä kun perustat uutta akvaariota. Laita tuotetta pohjamateriaalin sekaan sekä veden pinnalle. Tai käytä mineraalituotteena RO veteen luodaksesi oikeanlaisen veden ravuille. Voit sekoittaa tuotetta myös ruoan sekaan taataksesi eläimille tarvittavan mineraalimäärän.

In Japan, the powder is mixed into the substrate as soil additive when the tank is set up. Fill a substrate layer into your tank, cover it thinly with Mironekuton® and then add the rest of the substrate. After the tank has been decorated and filled with water, a little Mironekuton® is sprinkled on the water surface so that it spreads evenly in all the tank when sinking. Mironekuton® Mineral Powder - Measuring spoonDosage in the aquarium: Put in a heaped measuring spoon (approx. 0.4 g) of Mironekuton® Mineral Powder to every 10 litres of tank water every three to four days. Mironekuton® Mineral Powder is also highly suitable for mixing into your self-made shrimp food as it is an effective mineral supplement. It can also be used for re-mineralising RO water, fully and partially demineralised water and to condition and to remove noxious substances from rainwater. Example: 50 g of Mironekuton® to 10 litres of RO water re-mineralise the water and thus increase the parameters after 24 to 48 hours to approx. GH 4, KH 1-2, pH 7.4, conductance 75 µS. (Natural product, deviations are possible)

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